• Basic Package:

    • 10 Retouched digital images
    • 2 Hours shooting
    • 2-3 Outfit changes
    • Indoor and outdoor locations
    • Comp card
    • Makeup artist at an additional charge

    Daily life, portraits, and travel with my beloved 120mm film camera

  • Crunch Live

    Trainer portraits and candid photos for the Crunch Fitness Live Video Series.


    I am proud to announce the completion of Segmented Sleep, an experimental short film collaboration between myself and two other film makers: Rie Ito-Hiraka and Christina Schnabel.

    Visit the official website here!


    I am based in NYC and am a graduate of the City College of New York Film and Video Program. I love to shoot on 120mm film and digital cameras. My greatest interests are portraits and food photography. I also spend my time shooting short films, making collages, cooking, playing classical violin, and experimenting with design projects. I am always excited to collaborate, so if you have a project in mind, please contact me!